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A New Common Sense

A quick look at the overall vision behind PlaNet Diss

Step 1 Have a look at this 3 minute video. We made it in May 2020, during the first COVID lockdown, and it reflects the thinking of that time, but it is a short but clear presentation of the overall vision built into PlaNet Diss.

What appeals to you and what do you dislike about the video?

Step 2 Look at the four corners of "The Global Madness"

  1. Crazy throwaway consumption, pollution, inequality

  2. An oppressive economy that mostly benefits the rich

  3. Insane wars

  4. The destruction of the natural world, including global heating

Which of these resonates with you? What would you most like to see changed?

Step 3 What parts of ‘Reinventing communities” appeal to you?

Local Food? Community transport? Help with caring? A local social network?

Giving and receiving favours (especially to save money)?

What would you like help with?

Video credits

The New Common Sense video was created and developed by Gary Alexander, Madeline Lees, David Alexander and Daisy Lees, with graphics by Alex Brenchley. Special thanks to Anna Mudeka and Maty Sene Carpenter, Samira, Clive, Aicha, Sinder, Rama, Mimi, Arthur, Max, Jane, and many thanks to Ali, Hamidou, Vibha, AH, Renata, Keely, Dulcie, Sam, Basil, Jon and Angela.


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